Ecommerce Workshop | 1 Day

Ecommerce Workshop | 1 Day


Attract your highest potential customers through online sales. Get your business online with this hands-on intensive workshop.

Set up key elements of your eCommerce cycle immediately with:

The Right Foundation

  • Identify your customer.
  • Match your product to the customer.
  • How to effectively communicate your sales offer to your customer.

Essential Infrastructure

  • Set up and edit an eCommerce website
  • Set up your transactions
  • Integrate social media and search engine optimization (SEO)

Communication Processes

  • Set up your Facebook page and promotions
  • Select your best promotion options
  • Manage the eCommerce cycle using a simple and effective tool


Increase your market share:
With an understanding of the fundamentals of eCommerce, your business can easily inform, sell, promote, and support your customers online.

Increase your revenue:
Customers are increasingly buying online. Now is the time to start tapping into the unlimited potential of online selling!

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